Ten Golden Golf Swing Rules

Learning to play golf is a challenge for any new player, so following some basic rules can help guide you in the right direction. Use these ten rules below to get on the right track toward improving your game and lowering your scores.

Rule #1 – Don’t swing too hard

New golfers tend to swing much harder than they need to. Keep your swing under control and focus more on quality contact than pure swing speed.

Rule #2 – Athletic stance

Golf is a more-athletic game than most people realize, so take an athletic stance before you start your swing. Having your knees slightly flexed and keeping your back straight is a good start.

Rule #3 – Keep your eyes down

Looking up early is a common mistake in the golf swing. Keep your eyes down on the ball until it has been struck by the club.

Rule #4 – Keep your arms tight

Letting your arms move up and away from your body makes it difficult to make good impact time after time. Make a rotational swing and keep both arms connected to your torso during the swing.

Rule #5 – Stay level

You don’t want the level of your head or shoulders to rise and fall during the swing – staying level throughout the swing is key to good impact.

Rule #6 – Accelerate through impact

There is no room in the golf swing for being tentative or nervous at the point of impact. You need to accelerate the club confidently through the hitting area in order to produce solid shots.

Rule #7 – Tempo is key

Your swing should have an even tempo from start to finish if you are going to gain consistency in your shots. It doesn’t matter if your tempo is fast or slow – it only matters that it is even from the start of the swing to the finish.

Rule #8 – Hit down on your irons

Iron shots, unlike shots hit with a driver, should be hit with a downward motion through the ball. By having your weight slightly onto your front leg at impact, you can create a downward angle and hit powerfully down through the ball.

Rule #9 – Relax

Tension is a killer to good golf swings. Try to remain as relaxed as possible when you are making a swing, even if you are feeling nervous before the shot.

Rule #10 – Pick a specific target

When getting ready to hit a shot, you should always pick a very specific target at which to aim. This gives you a purpose for your shot, and can help to focus your mind as you prepare to swing.

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