4 Keys to Hitting a Great Downslope Bunker Shot

The downslope Bunker shot is one of the most difficult shots that you tackle with during your time on the course. It requires everything you have learned for the whole game of Golf. It requires proper calculation of distance, height, speed and power you will hit the ball with. Based on the slope, you have to do your calculations as all the parameters change if the inclination changes. The basic requirement is making the ball aerial as soon as the club touches the ball and help it land in the green. Here are the basic advices on hitting a downslope bunker shot.

  1. Shot Setup
  2. When standing for the shot, you should keep your body in balance with the surface and should stand in such a way that your shoulders are parallel to the surface of the ground or the inclination in this case. The distance between your legs should be slightly more than the distance between your shoulders. You should aim your body position towards the left of the target. The ball should be positioned in the middle of your stance.

  3. Weight Distribution
  4. Weight distribution is very important during these shots. Mostly amateur golfers out their weight on the back foot and bend it and the think it will give the ball an aerial motion which is a silly mistake. You should always concentrate your weight on the front foot as it is down the slope and will help you lift the ball from the bottom base hence giving it an aerial motion soon after the contact. This posture will prevent you from hitting the ground before the club touches the ball and will save you some power.

  5. Backswing
  6. During the backswing, you should swing the ball narrowly in as if you are standing in a narrow space. Such swinging will increase the loft of the club at the impact. Your arms should move more of up and down motion instead of near and away motion. This will help the club reach the bottom of the ball and the ball will be lifted.

  7. Execution
  8. After all the previous steps, you need the final step which is the execution of the shot. It is the most important step as it determines whether your calculations were correct or incorrect. You should revise your calculations before giving the final touch. After revising, you should hit the ball.

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