5 Indoor Practice Drills For Improving Your Putting

An important aspect of putting includes practice. You need to find ways to practice this skill if you expect to see better results on the green. When you are not able to get to practice green you can try drills at home when you have spare time. Such drills are important in developing personal skills and understanding behind the action of putting.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do indoors to help you see results. Here are 5 indoor practice drills to help you see how you can improve putting abilities.

  1. Putting with two balls. Place two balls on the floor next to each other, but have them in line with your putter face and your target. Practice hitting them at the same time but work toward making them move in a straight line together. This encourages square impact when hitting the ball.
  2. Practice hitting the ball into a target. Place ball roughly a foot from target and stand about 8 feet behind the ball. Make your shot aiming for the target and be sure to make contact to encourage the ball to travel a straight line to hit target.
  3. Use two balls but place one on the floor and use the other to hit toward the first. Practice hitting the ball toward the other without making contact. This helps practice control and tempo of ball speed.
  4. Practice aligning face with use of a ball, a target and wooden block. This helps you understand how your putter face aligns with the ball at address. When you do this, place the block in back of the ball and check alignment of the ball and your intended target. The block acts as your putter face when checking for misalignment.
  5. Have a box to hit the ball into. Do this with multiple balls at least 3 times in a row. This is good practice for force and distance control as you try to repeat the process in getting the ball to your target with consistency.

What Else Can You Do to Improve Putting?

The game of golf consists of a good amount of putting. You can tell by watching video of your favorite professional golfer. There are free videos online you can watch on putting techniques. You can also learn tips from golf instructors on elements of putting you should work to improve.

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