Booking Golf Tee Times In Faro: A Guide For Dummies

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The most famous city of Portugal’s Algarve is Faro, and it is rightly deserved to be famous. The most important thread that binds golfers from all over the world to Faro is the abundance of golf courses in the city. Apart from golf also, there are many other things that will catch your fancy on your holiday. You will find an archeological museum along with a Bishop’s place, which is a Renaissance cathedral. It was bombed heavily during World War II, and was rebuilt later. The fishing village of Albufeira is equally famous for golf and nightlife.

To enjoy golf in Faro, you need to plan in advance and book tee times since it gets heavily crowded during peak season. For golfers, who are planning to go for the first time to Faro, we have mentioned a few tips to book tee times.

  1. The rounds cost different prices in Algarve and the prices also differ from month to month. They may also vary at different times of the same month. You need to keep an eye on green fees of your favorite golf course, availability of tee times when you plan to play golf, possibility of rainfall during your visit, temperature and weather.

  2. You can select one or two courses from the list of courses while you browse and look for ‘green fees and tee times’ section at each of them.

  3. It is better to book tee times a little before or after the peak season to avoid crowd and you can also save money in doing so.

  4. There are certain times of the day when tee times are cheaper such as 5 pm in the evening. Most players are not able to complete their round of golf at this time. Thus, tee times are cheaper. If you are not an expert golfer and you just plan to play the round of golf for pleasure, you can book any such timing.

Different months in Faro

  • January is a quiet month in Faro. You can find accommodation and golf at cheapest rates in this month.

  • You will find a little rainfall in February and the temperatures are also improved than January. But, you will find most courses being empty in this month as well.

  • In March, the courses of Algarve begin becoming busier since the overall weather becomes better. Most of the golf courses are difficult to book in March. You can also find promotions of Easter in this month.

  • April is the fourth most hectic month of the year in Algarve because of the Easter time promotions. This is the most ideal month to play golf here.

  • May is also the busiest month and you will find the highest green fees in this month. If you plan to go to Faro in May, you need to book your tee timings at least 3 months in advance.

  • June becomes hot in Algarve and that is why; prices are often low along with various promotions of summer season.

  • July is the hottest month of Algarve. Thus, you must book later afternoon or early morning tee times in July. You will also find competitions held by local charities and organizations.

  • August becomes cooler than the previous month but you must prefer to book later afternoon or early morning tee times. You can also avail summer promotions in August as well.

  • September is the mid-high golf season in Faro in its second half. The summer promotions are less extensive till 15th of this month. But, the later half will start getting busier and you need to book before you come.

  • The month is October is a high and busy season of golf and most courses of Central Algarve become very busy.

  • The golfing weather is great in the month of November but you cannot be overconfident about it. That is why; the green fees are kept low in November.

  • December is the calmest month of the year in Algarve and most of the courses may even close for maintenance. However, some of the local charities and organizations hold annual golf competitions in December.

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Portimao golf courses are in a region of Portugal that has an amazing climate. Portimao is close enough to the shore to enjoy the cool sea breezes, but far enough away that it doesn’t rain all of the time.

The Mediterranean and temperate climate also keeps the temperature fairly comfortable for golfing, which means that Portimao golf courses are ideal in almost every way in terms of weather.