How High Should You Tee the Golf Ball

When you start each hole, the big advantage that you have is the ability to tee the ball up off the ground. It is much easier to hit a good shot from a tee than it is off the ground, simply because you are assured to have a good lie. When hitting a driver, you want to position the ball perfectly on the tee so you can make contact right in the sweet spot and maximize your distance. But how high should you tee the ball to find that perfect impact position? That is a question that many golfers struggle to find the answer to.

Below are a few hints to help you determine how high you should tee the ball when hitting a driver.

  • Start with a standard height. As a basic guideline, try to tee the ball up so that half of it is showing above the top of your driver when you set it behind the ball. Put another way, the equator of the ball should be even with the top line of the club face as you set the driver behind the ball at address. This is sort of a ‘starting point’ that you can use to make small adjustments from. This tee height should work pretty well for most golfers, but you can move the ball up or down a little bit based on your personal preference.
  • Tee it lower to fight a hook. If you have a problem with hooking the golf ball off the tee, try teeing the ball a little lower so you don’t have as much room to come at the ball from an inside path. With it teed up lower, you will be encouraging more of an outside-in swing, which can help you to hold the shot straight, or even hit a little bit of a fade.
  • Tee it high to hit a draw. On the other side of the coin, consider teeing the ball higher if you have been having trouble fighting a slice and would like to hit a draw instead. With the ball teed up high, you should have plenty of space to get the club moving through the ball from inside-out so you can impart some draw spin. Of course, you will need to work on your swing mechanics as well to improve your ball flight (either draw or fade), but tee height can help you along the way.

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