How to Behave on the Golf Course

Proper etiquette is an important part of golf, and something that can be intimidating to new golfers who aren’t familiar with all of the common courtesies that golfers are expected to follow. The good news is that it is actually pretty easy to learn how to behave on the golf course once you gain a little experience. As long as you are able to adapt to the typical etiquette that most golfers observe, you should have no trouble fitting in with other players and enjoying your time on the course.

Use the list of points below as a good primer on how to behave on the golf course. This list doesn’t include everything that you will need to learn, but it is a good place to start.

  • Quiet while others hit. This is usually the first piece of etiquette that most golfers learn. You should make it a point to be quiet while any other member of your group is hitting a shot. This not only includes talking, but also making noise with your bags or clubs that could be distracting. It will help you to be able to hit shots without having to deal with noises, so make sure to extend that same opportunity to your playing partners.
  • Help out when you can. Even if you are in a tournament where you are playing against other golfers, it is common courtesy to help another player out when they are looking for a golf ball that has gotten off track. Also, if another player in your group needs help understanding the rules and how they apply to a certain situation, you should do your best to help out.
  • Control your temper. It is common to get upset on the golf course when your game isn’t going well, but that doesn’t give you a pass to act in a manner that will bother your playing partners. Keep your temper under control as much as possible and don’t do anything that will make others not want to play with you again.
  • Keep it moving. Slow play is a big issue in golf, so do your part to keep the round moving by playing at a good pace throughout the day. You don’t have to rush – just don’t waste time unnecessarily between shots. As long as you keep moving and hit your shots in a reasonable amount of time, you shouldn’t have much trouble keeping pace on the course.

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