Three Simple Golf Tips On How To Avoid Toe Hits

A common mistake in golf is to hit the ball off the toe. Many golfers like the sound of clean contact being made with the ball and the clubface. But, your accuracy and power takes a hit when your toe is in the way and gets hit. To eliminate this from happening consider understanding how to hit the ball with your club properly. Your clubface has what is considered to be a sweet spot. You should work to hit the ball directly from this spot every time. Here are three tips to help avoid toe hits.

When Positioning Yourself with the Ball Get Closer

As you begin to set up for the shot be sure you are in good positioning behind the ball. The ball may not get good contact if you are not close enough. You can practice getting in place and swinging with your club. Pay attention to the clubhead and where it will strike the ball as you swing through. Your grip may also affect how you make contact since you need to keep your clubface in good alignment with the ball. Think about the sweet spot on the clubface you need the ball to hit. Consider this element when positioning closer to the ball.

Move Arms Outward More Toward the Ball When You Swing

This can help you create a smooth swing when you make your shot. This also gives good control and energy behind the ball after contact is made. Sometimes the ball can be in good position but the player is playing the shot with their arms closer to their body when they should be further away. This helps you establish more control of your club and you can get the clubface in line with the plane the clubhead travels to make a solid shot.

Avoid Letting Tension Set In

Tension can ruin end results quickly. If you focus too much on the shot you are likely to have too much power follow from behind and lack control of the ball. Try taking a few deep breaths before taking your shot. Waggle in place for a moment and try to clear your mind. Change or adjust your grip accordingly. You can also take some practice swings away from the ball before you take the final shot. If you take your shot and are unable to let wrists release when you swing you could have tension in your grip.

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