Completing The Challenge Of The Boavista Golf Course

The Boavista course is anything but a walk in the park. The course has been designed to challenge your golf skills on every turn. Those who have achieved par or better on this course should be proud of themselves, because most golfers struggle—especially on their first attempt.

Distance and aim are everything

Fairways on the Boavista golf course are narrow. To make matters worse, they twist in various directions almost forcing your ball onto the outskirts. The only way to overcome this obstacle and still stay within par is to perfect your pitching to the point that the ball always lands exactly where you planned. Should your ball roll after it has landed, you may have gained an unwanted point already.

Practice your bunker play as insurance

Bunkers are cleverly placed throughout the golf course and landing in one is likely to happen at least once or twice during your game. Have good bunker play as an insurance policy before playing the Boavista course. This will at least help you to redeem a bad shot should you make one. If you can successfully master bunker lies and achieve good distance from the sand, you may still be able to pull off a par score even after a mistake has been made.

Get accustomed to slopes

The Boavista golf course is perhaps one of the ‘slopiest’ in Algarve. Get ready to gauge difficult uphill terrain and taper down on the declining slopes. The greens are generally untainted by slopes, but this is not true for all of them. If you can’t putt on an undulating green, you are sure to hit a bogey or two.

Think before you swing

To avoid mistakes on the Boavista course you will have to be very strategic in every shot. Think carefully before taking a swing and ask yourself if any alternatives to the obvious exist. Many of these holes are designed to trip you up so narrow your eyes and become a bit of a chess player in order to outsmart the design.

For those who love a challenge, the Boavista course will deliver. Upon playing this course, many veteran golfers have left with their pride shattered. But if you are the type of golfer who wants his or her skills questioned, then pay Boavista a visit and make yourself better.

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