Expert Advice To Help You Select The Right Iron Club Set

Choosing the right iron set will go so far in determining whether or not you will be able to enjoy a good game of golf. Many are the times when you need to purchase a new set of iron clubs but you are not sure what to choose, or whether you are making the correct choice in the first place.

For a fact, selecting the perfect iron set for your game is not one of the easiest things that you can get to do, but you can be guaranteed that with the expert opinions that we will share with you herein, you will be good to go. There are different designs out there, iron clubs made of a variety of prices, aesthetics and material. Many a beginner often end up confused in the long run, and this is something that will certainly leave you distraught.

Understand what the irons are for

Irons are a good compromise between the woods and a putter. This is because in most cases they come into play before the putter or just after the woods. The irons are therefore a very good set to have because they have a higher accuracy level when you want to get closer to the greens.


What we refer to as the loft is simply what makes the iron deliver a downward or horizontal direction instead of keeping the ball on a straight upward path. In most cases, you need to look for the irons that are marked 1-4 because these ones normally deliver lowed lofts.

Irons that are marked 5-7 are considered mid-range clubs. However, the ones marked 8-9 are short irons, so choose the perfect set based on what you intend to achieve on the green.

The make of the iron

Irons can be designed in two ways, either from casting or forging. Forging is a rather ancient method, and these iron sets are preferred only by the professionals and veteran players. Besides, they are really expensive and would not do you any justice as a beginner player from a financial point of view.

The other clubs that are designed from cast iron are really easy to use as compared to the forged iron clubs. They are also easier on your pocket in terms of financing the purchase. Therefore the next time you are thinking of purchasing a new set of irons, think in this direction.

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