How to Deal with a Plugged Bunker Lie without Trouble

As one of the most difficult shots amateurs want to master, a plugged bunker lie can be an interesting shot to make when other people are watching. That is, when you can successfully execute your technique when making your approach. This is where many have the problem. They have a flaw somewhere in how they approach the shot. Sometimes it takes more than one shot until the ball gets somewhere, but you may be able to complete this in less than two shots with some helpful tips.

Have Good Stance before Taking Shot

As you do a little more research on how to deal with a plugged bunker lie, you may notice some photos and videos that discuss the position of your body and your stance. Some say your stance is the key to helping you achieve a better result. Pay attention to how your legs and knees should be in position. This helps you hold your iron with good control and you have a better idea of what method you can use to help you execute your shot. This element will assist in addressing the ball with a better end result.

Keep Face of Your Wedge Closed

Some golfers get a better idea of what their end result will be when they think about the kind of contact their wedge will make with the ball. When you can keep the face of the wedge close it provides more control and helps you make better ball contact. When you practice this you can see additional adjustments you may need to make depending on how far or fast the ball travels. Practice making contact with the ball, and then make adjustments to your stance and how you swing.

Increase Club Head Speed with Good Wrist Action

Your wrists can help you gain more speed with your club head. A few beginners have trouble with this aspect since it can take some time getting used to. Others think you need to swing harder in order to increase the speed. This is not often the case. You can have good movement of the wrist just slightly as you follow through your downswing. If you lack wrist action and swing your club you may not get much of an end result. This can help give your club head more control and drive behind the ball.

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