Is The Pinheiros Altos Golf Course Suitable For Beginners?

Pinheiros Altos Golf Course in Algarve has rightfully earned the distinction of being one of the elite courses in Europe. It’s said that the course is a paradise for golfers who enjoy stunning landscape and challenging holes. In the past few years there has been a lot of talk about the ability of Pinheiros Altos to attract novices of the game. The course is a delight for amateurs and pros, but is it good for the beginners. Let’s find out.

What do beginners need?

To start with let’s talk about a golf course that’s ideally suited for a novice. A conventional 18-hole with a par-72 is not an ideal course for beginners; a more suitable option would be a 9-hole course. Luckily, Pinheiros Altos has three fabulous courses totaling 27-holes. Named Olives, Sobreiros (Corks), and Pinheiros (Pines), the three 9-hole courses are options for people who are new to the game.

The playing area of each course is unique; the layout, the hazards, and even the feel of each course, is different. For golf enthusiasts new to the game, a simple course that’ll allow them to reach the green in regulation strokes is a real confidence booster. The Olives, also known as the Blue course, caters specifically to the needs of the beginners. This course was constructed in 1995 and it has become a must play 9-hole course in Algarve for beginners.

Of course, to improve novices have to face challenges and hazards at some stage. The Yellow course or Corks offers the testing conditions that’ll hone the beginner’s skill. This is the longest of the three courses and considered by many golfers as the most demanding. It also provides a good blend of old and new, with part of the landscape being the original front constructed in 1995 and a new set of holes with an impressive view of the hills. It’s important to note that the first tee shot in the yellow course is the toughest one to start in the Algarve.

Fully equipped golf academy

The fully equipped golf academy in Pinheiros Altos is where beginners can learn the nuances of the game. The tactics, tips, and drills gathered here can be then put to practice at the three courses. The grass here is fast and firm and the features such as bunkers, water hazards, hills, and slopes, all add to the appeal of this world famous golf course.

So, you want to play on the Pinheiros Altos golf course? We guarantee beginners will thoroughly enjoy the three courses. But bear in mind to read the rules of the course before play.

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