How to do a brilliant golf backswing

A good golf backswing can be your secret weapon on the course when you want to make an awesome shot across the fairway. There are a few things to remember when executing your backswing in order to obtain favorable results. Golfers may not pay attention to how their body is positioned or how to grip the club, especially with good wrist action. This could be why when the ball is hit you notice inconsistencies with your approach or your shaft and clubface may be unnoticeable upon swinging.

Get the Right Position and Know How to Hold It

Your left arm and your clubface should sit on the same angle. Your shoulders should be turned more than your hips and your head should be far as possible from your hands. These tips apply from the start of the swing and as you follow through. It may help to practice the motion and the position a few times to get a feel for it before you try it with the ball. Try not to overdo it and have a firm grip on the club as you swing. Consider reviewing photos or video content for additional insight to get an idea of how the body should be positioned.

Try to Avoid Making Common Mistakes that Keep You from Doing It Correctly

For many golfers you may know how to hold your position but you may not be holding it long enough or midway through you lift your arms too high. When attempting your backswing you should have an idea of what you are doing wrong and how to correct that particular element. Your wrists should have a good hinge with your hip and shoulder turned away from the ball as you swing. You may need to practice the motion a few times with the club to get an idea of what you should expect upon hitting the ball.

Putting Your Technique Together to Nail Your Shot

Your shoulder rotation is key in helping you nail your backswing. This occurs once your arms are up in position with the club, but you should turn instead of lift at the top of the swing. If you feel a stretch on the left side of your torso that is a sign you are completing the technique properly. The plane should have your clubface and shaft in place while your hands are far away from your head.

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