Golf Equipment Tips: Understanding Bore-Through Clubs

As an avid golf player it is important for you to pay attention to some of the terms that you come across from time to time. There are so many people who usually ignore some simple terms which in the long run turn out to mean the world to them. As a result of this, you need to be very keen and try to find out the meaning of something that you come across which perhaps you do not understand yet.

What is a bore-through golf club?

The bore-through golf club is a term that is not so common to beginners, but professionals will know what it is all about. This kind of a club has a shaft that runs deep into the club head, and pops out at the other end of the sole. If you pay attention to the structure of this club and compare it with most of the others that you come across, you will realize that it does not penetrate partially as is the case with the conventional hosel.

The importance of a bore-through design

There are those who are not so skilled at golf, or those who do not have a very good idea, who might think that this club is all about aesthetics than performance. However, they could never be as far from the truth.

The concept behind the design of a bore-through club lies in the fact that it saves you on weight as opposed to the conventional hosel. The reason for this is because from its design, it is able to lower the center of gravity.

There are some players who have had a good experience with this particular club, and they do believe that it also offers a better feel, firmer than most clubs they have ever used. Of course these have to be professional players or players with some good experience in using clubs.

While this might be the case, we must also take note of the fact that the bore-through club also tends to lower the angle of launch. As a result when you are performing a shaft play, yours will be stiffer than someone using a normal club.

We might also need to mention here that for those who love to re-shaft their clubs, it is close to impossible to achieve that with these clubs because their lie angle cannot be readjusted.

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