Best Ball Driving Golf Tip To Improve Your Technique

The Sun has finally relented and the severity of summer is slowing paving way for gentle breeze across the golf courses. Now is the right time to bring out that golf club and sharpen your golfing skills at the local club. You might feel a little stiff and out of touch, so we’ve decided to offer some valuable driving tips to improve your technique.

  • Every tutorial on golf stroke begins with the stance. It’s no different in the case of a drive. A large majority of pro-teachers advice students to have a shoulder wide stance; the stance measured from the inside of the feet.

  • When addressing the ball your body weight must rest on the middle of the feet. Too much weight on the heels or on the toes will affect your balance while driving the ball.

  • The posture plays a very important role in a drive. When you’re leaning forward to address the ball you need to bend your hips and not the waist like many golfers wrongly do. Bending at the waist will create a curve and not the perfect ‘V’ like fold that’s required. Your spine angle acts as a good indicator. A straight spine when you’re leaning forward shows that you’re doing it right. What else do a middle fold and straight spine angle do? It allows you to perform good body rotation and shoulder turn when hitting the ball.

  • The swing is all about rotation and turn. There are two things that need to stay fixed – the head and the feet. If you can manage these two elements, namely, a fixed head and feet and good shoulder turn and hip rotation you can execute a powerful, accurate drive.

  • Keep your eyes on the ball when the club head passes through the impact zone. If you raise the head to see the trajectory of the ball even before the impact you’ll lose both focus and balance.

  • We’ve seen coaches insisting on a downward strike for short game strokes. The opposite is necessary in the case of the golf drives. If you want the ball to travel a long distance, focus on hitting the ball while the club head is on the upswing. Even slight change in the swing angle can make a big difference. For example, a 3-degree upswing, instead of a 1-degree downward blow can make the ball travel 20-30 yards further.

  • Finally, control your wrist and hand movement through the impact zone to avoid hooking the ball.

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