How To Stop Scooping Your Chip Shots In Golf

Many amateur golfers have an issue with scooping in golf. When this occurs it is due in part to efforts in trying to get the ball into the air or airborne when you swing and make contact. For the most part, players are not hitting down on the ball to the result they want. In other words, you need to focus on hitting the ball first and then the ground, instead of the other way around. Here are a few tips to help you stop scooping and actions you can take to ensure solid contact with your shots.

  • To eliminate the scooping motion, consider what the iron needs to do before it does it. The club helps the ball get into the air with flicking action from the wrists. The goal is to get the iron to the ball quickly but establishing contact with the ball first then the ground.
  • Try not to have iron shaft leaning forward as you swing. This action often is the reason behind why players are not able to hit down on the ball. There are several different types of practice drills to help eliminate scooping. This element will help you develop a solid strategy for your shot and reduce scooping overall.
  • More of your weight may be placed on your lead leg to give you better stability to hit downward on the ball. This gets your target in line with the shaft of your iron. You should also establish a flat wrist; this would be your left wrist if you are righted and vice versa if you are a right hand player.
  • Ensure good setup position before you take your shot. Check your body position behind the ball a how you line up with it. Some players may use the line of buttons on their shirt to help them establish s good position behind the ball. This will help you achieve good motion necessary to chip your shot without scooping.
  • Note rotation of the body as you swing through to make contact. As you make your chip stroke your hips should rotate. Some golfers do not let their hips rotate as they make the shot. When you don’t rotate hips you encourage hands to scoop with the club. Your club should have a gliding-type impact as you guide it with your hands.

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