How to Get a Feel for a Perfect Golf Swing Transition

While some golf instructors teach that the best swing transition is dependent on what feels right, others will tell you that what feels right, isn’t always right. But the perfect swing isn’t as cut and dry as that. We can take good tips from both of these schools of thought and effectively create a good swing habit that connects well every time.

Discipline in posture

Posture is one factor where your comfort should not determine the right way to stand. Posture requires discipline and self training, which will eventually lead to habit. Once you’ve gotten your posture right, it’s important to incorporate this new habit into your swing. This is so that you can get used to the feeling of transitioning from the correct posture to the effective swing you’re trying to achieve.


You’ll never perfect your swing unless your shoulders are flexible. Shoulders play in important part—together with the movement of the rest of your body—in executing a correct swing. If shoulders are stiff, your swing won’t feel right. To correct this on the drive, try the following drill of lining your left shoulder horizontally with the ball at the height of your backswing. You’ll soon sense how right this movement feels, especially when you bring your club back down on the down swing.

Staying straight on the downswing

A mistake many golfers make is trying to alter their aim on the downswing. A proper golf swing should imitate a spring movement. This is what will keep your downswing straight. You’ve already charged your spring on the back swing; now allow your body to bounce back on the downswing by releasing the energy of your spring. If this isn’t practiced, you will end up forcing your club down instead of allowing it to spring back naturally with your body movement. Take note of this when making a swing. You’ll soon feel whether or not you’re pushing your club forward, or simply releasing it.

Another tip to enforce the spring effect: Your grip will play a major part in effecting this spring movement in your swing. Arms should be straight, but the hands gripping the club must be pushed forward slightly. Now use this in conjunction with the right starting posture, flexible shoulders, and a comfortable downswing. Your perfect swing will transition from the first of these points, to the second, and finally to the third. With practice, you’ll quickly identify when your swing feels right, and when it doesn’t.

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