Booking A Hotel Room For A Golf Break In Portimao

Portimao is a beach city in Portugal with a thriving nightlife. It also possesses some of the best golf courses in Europe and many of these are situated close to or form part of hotels. There are a few things to keep in mind when booking your hotel room in this city, especially if your purpose is to play golf. Here are four items to add to your checklist.

Watch out for a language barrier

You may find that booking a hotel is difficult because of the language difference between you and the person on the other line. If this is the case, it’s probable that your stay will be riddled with the same problem. If a booking receptionist can’t communicate effectively to book your room, give that hotel a miss and move on to one where English is well spoken and understood.

Get as much golf info as you can

Since you are going to Portimao to play golf, get the lowdown on some of the courses close to the area. Also find out if there is a course within walking distance from the hotel. If not, you will need to talk to the booking consultant about transport options. For budget purposes, make sure you get the course fees written down too. Find out if you can book these as part of your stay and whether or not that will qualify you for a discount.

Check for package deals

Hotels in Portimao often add additional bonuses to their stays as a way to give their guests a better feel for the city. Portimao is well known for their boating excursions as well as their vibrant nightlife. Check to see if your stay includes a free casino pass or a boat trip. If not, see if you can negotiate one of these optional extras.

Ask about events in the area

Portimao also hosts festivals and street parties throughout the year. Find out if any of these are taking place during the time you are staying there and determine if and how these events will affect your stay—and what type of guests they will likely attract.

If you’ve never been to Portimao you simply must go. It is a great place to unwind mid-year and an excellent destination for golfers. Just make sure you bear all of these points in mind to ensure a fabulous golf holiday.

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The Climate is Excellent

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Portimao golf courses are in a region of Portugal that has an amazing climate. Portimao is close enough to the shore to enjoy the cool sea breezes, but far enough away that it doesn’t rain all of the time.

The Mediterranean and temperate climate also keeps the temperature fairly comfortable for golfing, which means that Portimao golf courses are ideal in almost every way in terms of weather.