4 Simple Cures To Your Driving Problems

The common theme when people are playing golf is that everyone loves hitting the driver. It doesn’t matter how skilful you are; you just want to rip it down the fairway every single time! That is the mentality of every golfer and that is certainly normal.

Well, if you are struggling to put the ball in the fairway, then here are a few tips that will revolutionise your driving and I assure you that you will just bash the golf ball on every tee.

Never lean back

Although your weight distribution should be slightly towards your trail leg (right leg if you are right handed) at set up, you should never hang back at impact. Your weight should be 95% down the left hand side at impact. This would ensure a solid, crushing impact and that would deliver a powerful drive that is long and straight.

If you feel like you are trying to help the ball up in the air, then chances are that you are leaning back! NEVER try to help the ball go airbourne; that’s what the loft of the club is there for.

Adopt a stronger grip

You might think this is a bit weird but a stronger grip means your ball will come with a little draw. It would also deloft your club slightly and it will ensure a penetrating ball flight as well and this means more roll out upon landing. Make it this way, most long hitting Tour Professionals have a strong grip and I’m sure you can see why.

Strong grip means you can also reduce the spin of the ball! So you wouldn’t see those ‘poppers’ where the ball goes straight up in the air with no distance. That’s the shot hated by all golfers!

Swing through it

Never stop at any point of your golf swing. You must complete the process of the swing and finish at the top. If you stop or decelerate at any point of the swing, then you would likely mishit the ball and you will hate the result!

You may have a slow backswing, but the downswing must be accelerating at all times!

Slight in-to-out swing path

That’s the best swing path for hitting drivers – a slight in-to-out. This promotes a more sweeping action and you will square up the clubface so much easier! Try and do this drill whenever you can and you will notice a significant improvement to your driving in no time!

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