How to Eliminate Common Swing Faults: Basic Tips for Golfers

Painful as it may seem to the average golfer, the best way to become better at iron play is to recognize, pinpoint, and correct prevalent mistakes being made. Many of these mistakes are common and the methods of correcting them are easy. The problem with many golfers is that they carry on playing for extended periods of time, all the while avoiding the fact that their game is being negatively affected by small mistakes.

Let’s look at some of the small mistakes often made during iron play—and how these can be addressed.

Wrong posture before and during a swing

The smallest misstep in posture can ruin your iron shot. Correct posture involves the following points:

  • Don’t over tilt your spine before making your shot. Your grip should be pushed slightly forward, but not so much that is messes up your balance.
  • Avoid leaning your upper body in either direction. Stand straight and relaxed.
  • Keep your head down and straight. Many golfers make the mistake of over tilting their necks, which again will throw off your general balance and mess up your shot.

Weight distribution

At the start of your swing, be sure to have your weight equally balanced on both legs. This should not change during the backswing—as is so often the case. Balance must be maintained during the backswing and then gradually move over to the left leg as the club comes down. By the time the swing has culminated, 90% of your weight should be resting on the left leg. Practicing this drill will do wonders for your iron play.

Grip – The difference between firm and tense

A firm grip is a must for a decent swing. However, firmness should not be mistaken for tension in the wrist. While your hands should be tightly gripping the club handle, your wrists should be flexible for an easier swing. What your wrists should be doing during a swing: Your right hand is the one used for flexibility and movement while swinging. The left hand should be used to keep the club steady. Don’t move your left wrist on the down swing, as this will weaken your shot and mess with your aim.

In conclusion, the secret to handling your iron shots better is by recognizing the mistakes you’re making. Once you do that, you can practice purposeful corrections. The more you find wrong with your iron play, the sooner you will be able to improve.

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