Golf Tips on How to Practice with Wedges Properly

The wedges might be one of the most overlooked parts of the golf bag during a practice session. Most golfers will spending a large portion of their time hitting drives down the range, and probably will give most of their irons a good workout. However, the wedges could be considered even more important than those clubs because they are the ones that will be trying to get the ball close to the hole to set up pars and birdies. The golfer who masters the control of their wedges will be well ahead of the game.

If you would like to improve the way you practice your wedges, consider the tips below –

  • It’s all about contact. The quality of the contact you make with your wedges is the key element to improving your play in this area. When you are able to make solid contact with your wedges on a consistent basis, it will be easier to control your distance – and that is really the challenge when it comes to wedge play. You shouldn’t have much trouble hitting your wedges on target, so the battle is learning how to manage your distance control from a variety of positions on the course.
  • Work on every possible distance. To sharpen your wedge play, start by figuring out what range of distances your wedges cover with full swings. So, for example, you might find that your shortest wedge goes 70 yards and your longest wedge goes 110 yards. With that information in mind, work on hitting practice shots to every five yard interval between 70 and 110. By working your way up the ‘ladder’ every five yards, you will be well prepared to handle those distances when they come up on the course.
  • Try different lies. When you get the opportunity to practice on a grass driving range, place golf balls in a variety of difficult lies and work on hitting good shots from those challenging positions. While you would like to have a good lie for every wedge shot, that simply isn’t going to happen. Golf has a way of presenting you with a variety of challenges when it comes to the lie of the ball in the grass, so prepare yourself by working on your wedge play from poor lies on the driving range. Once you have put yourself through this kind of practice, wedge shots from a good lie will seem rather simple.

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