Where to get golf travel information while staying abroad?

So you’ve decided to go somewhere outside of your home country for a vacation. One morning you wake up and the weather is absolutely beautiful, and you have an itch to go golfing. But where should you go? How do you get the information that you need in order to determine what golf course(s) are good options for you? Here are three sources that you can check out in order to get golf travel information while staying abroad.

Your Hotel’s Front Desk

The hotel that you are staying at is supposed to be a fount of information. If they aren’t, you didn’t pick a very good hotel. Front desk attendants should be able to provide you with information about any activity that you want, including local golf courses. In some cases, the hotel front desk may be able to help you schedule tee times as well, if you wish. Before you try anywhere else, give the front desk a buzz and see what they can help you with.

The Locals and Natives

Ask around! Whether you are at the store, at a restaurant, or somewhere else that you may be visiting, just talk to the people that you meet. People seem to be a lot more friendly in some parts of the world than others, but don’t let that deter you. See what locals have to say about the golf courses in the region and their popularity. Maybe you’ll get luck and find a fellow golfer who has some tips as well!

The Internet

If this was twenty years ago, this tip would be “the Yellow Pages” or some other type of directory. But now, all of that information is available on the World Wide Web. If you wake up during your vacation and decide you want to golf, hop on your laptop, tablet, netbook, or phone and see what you can find. The world is truly at your fingertips if you know where and how to search. You may still have to make some phone calls in order to reserve tee times and make inquiries, but the internet can at least give you an idea as to where you have to start your search.

If you’re already vacationing abroad, these three places will be accessible to you, wherever in the world you may be. Don’t be afraid to ask around, and you’ll be able to find the resources you need to enjoy a day on the links while on a vacation overseas.

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Portimao golf courses are in a region of Portugal that has an amazing climate. Portimao is close enough to the shore to enjoy the cool sea breezes, but far enough away that it doesn’t rain all of the time.

The Mediterranean and temperate climate also keeps the temperature fairly comfortable for golfing, which means that Portimao golf courses are ideal in almost every way in terms of weather.