What is a Perfect Chip Shot Set Up

The ability to successfully chip the ball close to the hole on a consistent basis is something that can set you apart from most golfers. Many players struggle to chip well, meaning that most missed greens turn into bogeys or worse. When you have confidence in your chipping game, you will feel more relaxed on your approach shots, knowing that even if you miss the green, you will still have a great chance to save your par.

Just as with any other shot on the golf course, the set-up is one of the most important elements to good chipping. By putting your body in a good position before the chipping motion begins, much of the work will already be done.

  • Leaning toward the target. If you only get one thing right with your chipping set-up, make sure you are leaning slight toward the target when you get ready to hit the shot. That means, for a right-handed golfer, that more than half of your weight should be leaning onto your left foot. This kind of stance promotes a downward strike into the ball, which is what you will need if you want to contact the ball cleanly and get it to float up into the air and land softly on the green.
  • Hand in front of ball. Another way to help make descending impact with the ball is to set your hands forward at address so that they are an inch or two closer to the hole than the ball is. With this set up, you can simplify the chipping motion and will have an easier time missing the grass behind the ball that is waiting to catch your club. Don’t exaggerate this position too much, however – just a couple inches forward of the ball is perfect.
  • Light grip pressure. Many golfers get nervous over their chip shots, and squeeze the club too tightly as a result. Make sure to focus on having light grip pressure during your set up so you can swing the club back and through naturally without having to force the motion. This feeling will take some practice, so be sure to spend some time on the practice chipping green before your next round getting comfortable with using light grip pressure. With only a little practice, you should start to see how much your chipping can be helped by not squeezing the club too tightly at address.

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Portimao golf courses are in a region of Portugal that has an amazing climate. Portimao is close enough to the shore to enjoy the cool sea breezes, but far enough away that it doesn’t rain all of the time.

The Mediterranean and temperate climate also keeps the temperature fairly comfortable for golfing, which means that Portimao golf courses are ideal in almost every way in terms of weather.