Trailing Arm is Crucial for a Successful Golf Swing

Both arms play an important role in the golf swing. If you are going to hit consistently solid shots and improve your golf scores, using both of your arms properly is key. In this article, let’s look at the job of the trailing arm (right arm for right-handed golfer) and get a better understanding of its job throughout the swing. When you are able to put your trail arm in the right positions, along with good use of your lead arm, your swing should start to come together nicely.

Stay Tight on the Backswing

During the backswing, it isn’t so much about what your trail arm is doing – it’s more about what it isn’t doing. Your trail arm should not be moving up and away from your body, which is a problem many amateur golfers have. Instead, it should stay tight to your side, with the elbow pointing down at the ground throughout most of the backswing. At the top of the backswing, your trail arm should feel ‘connected’ to your side and in a comfortable position to start swinging down from.

If your trail arm is not working correctly in the backswing, try putting a golf glove under your armpit and then make some practice swings. The goal of this drill is to keep the glove in place while you make a swing. If it falls to the ground during your backswing, you will know you have lifted your arm too far up and away from your body. Practice on keeping it in tighter until you are able to keep the glove pinned throughout the backswing.

Activate the Arm Through Impact

As the club approaches the impact position is when you really want to start using the trail arm with some force. This arm is the one that can apply power to the shot and release the club through the ball aggressively. Many golfers are afraid to use the trail arm enough through impact, and they lose potential distance as a result. Work on being confident with your release and don’t shy away from firing through the ball with that trail arm.

There is no doubt that the lead arm is an important element in the golf swing, but don’t forget to work on your trail arm positions as well. Only when both arms are working together properly can you achieve a swing that lives up to its potential.

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