How to Hit an Eagle: 5 Golf Tricks You Should Try

In golf, when you hit an eagle you make a shot that is 2-under par. Since many holes in golf require at least 3 shots (par 3, par 4, par 5, etc.) this presents a real challenge for golfers playing individual holes. You would have to get a hole in one at a hole that is par 3 or score one. Holes that have a higher par tend to be easier holes to play and achieve an eagle. This is because you can hit the ball further that gets you closer to the target. Then you could make the second shot easier since you are closer to the hole. Here are some tips to help you hit an eagle.

  • Have a strategy for each par to help you focus on the right technique. Each hole that has a different par would require some changes to how you play and approach the shot. This means your game needs to be solid when tackling holes at par 3 and par 4.
  • It is easier to hit an eagle at a par 5 hole. You should consider making such shots with holes of par 4 and up. You can have more strategic moves to execute that would allow you to take your time. Plus, if you don’t make the shot within 2 strokes, you still have a chance to play the hole within par.
  • Know which holes you can drive the green and holes to do 1-putting. If you are on the fairway you may consider using an approach shot to help you make your first contact.
  • Par 3 and par 4 tend to be more challenging since you don’t have as many strokes to work with. For a par 3 the ball needs to be hit in one shot. You have 2 chances with a par 4 hole. You need to consider how to benefit from your tee shot in both cases. This also sets up for a double eagle.
  • Practice your techniques for each type of shot. This will vary depending on the hole you are playing. These shots may be somewhat rare for beginners since they focus more on perfecting their techniques. Once you have your play techniques solid you can work on changing them up a bit to hit an eagle.

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