How to Achieve Solid Contact with a Golf Ball Using Your Wedge Club

A piece of advice on how to use a wedge club

A wedge club allows you to hit the ball very close to a hole. It becomes simple to hit the golf ball thin with the additional bounce in wedges. Here, in this article, we will talk about how to make the most of your wedge club. Let us start with a few general tips and tricks.

Proper set up of the golf ball

It is not possible to make a solid contact with a wedge, if you do not set up the ball properly. Stand close to the ball in an upright position. Open your stance and pull back your front foot. Your right elbow should be positioned against the right side of your body. If you position it a little farther, your club-head might go out of control. The body swings are shorter with the wedges as compared to the irons.

Yardage control

Sometimes, you might have reached 15 yards long or 15 yards short from 75 yards. It is difficult to forgive yourself for such errors. You have to find out on the golf range, when you should take the club backwards, at times when only a small distance is left to cover. You have to judge how far you need to hit the wedge and backswing your body; the wedge should stop at waist-high, knee-high or shoulder-high position.

Action of the legs

The legs of a golfer should be next to dead. The unhurried, smooth, or even tempo in a short swing can be managed by small action of legs. You should power your wedge with your arms and hands only. Since slower and shorter swings are required with a wedge, keep your legs in complete control.

Trap the wedge

For a decent game of golf, you need to trap the golf ball between the ground and the clubface. You need to control the distance covered by the ball. . The inconsistence distance of shots occurs because of lofty wedges. Exert more weight on the front foot when you are about to hit the ball. If you are a right-handed player, you can turn your left leg a bit. This will ensure that you will hit the ball first, and not the ground.

Wedge clubs are the most interesting clubs in the game of golf. If you use them properly, you can deliver a decent score in the end.

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