Five Prompts to Pitch the Ball Effectively

Pitch shots on the golf course fall somewhere between chip shots and full swings, and can be some of the most-difficult to execute. Hitting a good pitch shot from somewhere between 30-60 yards takes a nice combination of technical ability and feel for the shot. You will have to swing softly to avoid hitting the ball far over the green, but at the same time must accelerate through the strike to avoid hitting it fat.

Following are five keys for you to focus on the next time you head out to practice your pitch shots –

#1 – Run the Ball Up When Possible

You don’t always have to fly your pitch shots up to the hole and try to stop them quickly. Instead, you can use the fairway or green in front of you to run the ball up and get it close to the hole. If you have room, try using a lower lofted club and play a pitch that bounces and rolls up near the cup.

#2 – Weight on Your Front Foot

Getting your weight stuck on your back foot is a good way to hit the shot fat and come up short of the target. Stay leaning toward your front foot during the swing to make it easier to find solid contact at impact.

#3 – Clear Hazards with Plenty of Room

If your pitch shot requires you to hit over a hazard like a bunker or pond, make sure you carry the obstacle with plenty of room to spare. You might not get quite as close to the whole with this approach, but you will avoid costly penalty strokes that can really hurt your score at the end of the day.

#4 – Release the Club

Think of a pitch shot like a mini-swing, and let your hands release through impact just as you would on a full swing. Too many golfers hit their pitch shots without any release, and the result is a shot that is hard to control. When you release the club, you should be able to control the distance better in addition to getting a little more spin.

#5 – Choke Down on the Grip

There is no reason to use the whole club for a short shot. By choking down on the grip, you can gain a little more control over the club head, and you will also have an easier time avoiding hitting the ball too far.

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