Professional Golfer's Advice To Help You Get Rid Of Thin Shots

Thin shots will compromise the distance of your ball. When the clubface hits the ball too much to the side or too high up, it will travel skew and low. Golfers who hit thin shots often fall into a rut of hitting them constantly. However, some quick changes in your stance and swing technique will fix the problem; making thin shots a thing of the past.

Stop tensing up your body

Thin shots beget thin shots. This basically means that if you hit thin shots often, your worrying about hitting thin shots will actually cause you to continue to do so. Relax your body and forget about those pesky technical faults. A tense body is actually the main cause of thin shots so relaxing should start you off on the right path to fixing this problem.

Come down straight on your downswing

If your club comes down at an inside or outside angle, it will cause you to connect the ball at the wrong spot. Practice a straight downswing and practice it often. Swinging straight must become a subconscious habit that comes naturally.

Grip your clubface correctly

Incorrect grip can also cause thin shots. First of all, the angle of your clubface may be too open or too closed. Another mistake is not gripping the club firmly enough. Both of these will very likely result in a thin shot.

Don’t alter your height

Golfers often make the mistake of lifting their bodies or crouching down. Your knees should be slightly bent at address, but they should not move during the swing. Keep them steady so that the rest of your body stays at the same height throughout. The reason for this is because you want the clubface to make contact with the ball the same way it was positioned against the ball at address.

Keep your torso flexible

A flexible waist and stomach will prove highly effective in curing your thin shots. The way the body moves during a golf swing (especially iron play swing) calls for an almost elastic waistline.

Knowledge is the first step to sorting out your thin shots. Now that you know what you’re doing wrong, practice your golf drills accordingly. Also be sure to visit the gym every once in a while to get that stomach and waistline nice and flexible.

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