Making a Perfect Greenside Bunker Shot

When first starting out in the game of golf, many players are deathly afraid of the greenside bunker shot. Just getting the ball out of the sand seems like a tall order, let alone getting it close to the hole. With some practice, much of the fear can come out of this shot - and it can even get the point where you start to look forward to showing off your skills from the sand.

If you are still afraid of the greenside bunkers and want to improve your technique so you can get up and down more often, use the tips provided below. With proper instruction and a little practice, the sand shot will be your nemesis no longer.

Open the Face

By far, the number one mistake that amateur golfers make on a greenside bunker shot is failing to open the face of their wedge sufficiently before the swing. With the face laid open, you will be able to get the needed loft to float the ball up out of the sand and land it softly on the green. If you get scared and keep the face closed, you are likely to plow up too much sand and leave the ball right in front of you in the bunker.

Take a Big Swing

You can’t be shy when playing bunker shots. Even a short shot can require a big swing, so relax and go for it. You want the club to thump into the sand under the ball so the sand itself can throw the ball up onto the green. Since your clubhead is going to hit the sand and not the ball, it requires more clubhead speed than you might expect. Turn it loose, keep your head down, and trust the sand to do the work for you.

Open Your Stance

A square stance, just like a square clubface, is likely to lead to a fat shot that doesn’t get out of the bunker. Open your stance to the target so that you can easily swing across the ball from outside to inside. That outside-in swing path will help you to get under the ball and provide the loft you need to land the ball softly on the green - hopefully somewhere near the hole. Don’t forget to follow through to a nice, balanced finish just like you would on any other swing.

If you are able to complete all three of these steps properly, your sand game is sure to improve in short order.

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