How to Perform a Successful Shot when the Ball Is Below Your Feet In Golf

When the ball is below your feet you may have trouble getting the club head in the position you want it. In many cases the ball ends up below your feet because of the ground of the course you are playing on. It may have hills, slopes and bumps making the ground uneven. There is an easy tip you can remember that includes keeping these two elements in mind: your stance and swing. These elements will help you make a good shot but you need to know how to make adjustments to them efficiently.

  • Your club should be held in normal position. Even though the ball is lower than your feet you should still hold your club normally. This will help you achieve control as you come in and swing. Something that may change includes your stance or how you swing down on the ball to make contact.
  • Think about your aim when you swing as the ball may shift from left to right. This could depend on slope that is present when you take your shot. Aim to the left of your target. This will help compensate for being lower than the ball but help you move it as if you and it were on the same level.
  • To achieve good balance shift weight to your heels. This keeps you from falling forward as you swing through. Good balance will help you achieve the control you need as you swing down. If you don’t have good balance when weight shift occurs you may lose balance before the swing is completed.
  • To ensure solid ball contact make your swing shorter. It helps achieve balance with the right tempo. It may help to switch clubs such as using a 6-iron instead of a 7-iron. Having good tempo along with good balance works hand in hand. If you swing to fast you could lose balance. A shorter swing can help you achieve solid contact easier with the right club.
  • Proper distance and accuracy is important; focus on where the ball is and where it needs to go. Hit ball in easy position you can follow-up from. In other words you are working on making your follow-up shots easier. The first shot you make will set the tone for remaining shots to take.

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