Golf tips: successful sand game

There are golfers that actually hate making shots in the sand. It may not seem as easy as you think but it comes down to three elements: technique, setup and entry point. If you are familiar with a sand wedge you can make your shots around the green that are short. Such wedges may vary in measurement but they are often around 58 degrees with an 8 degree bounce. This is where the three elements come into play and can make a difference in how your sand shot is executed.

Setting Up Your Shot

You can visualize your shot before you take it by creating a wedge. This includes using two lines that make an angle with a third line going across, similar to a triangle shape but each line has a purpose in helping you setup your shot. One line is the target line that stretches beyond the ball. Another line that helps create the angle may extend toward your feet or toes. The third line would be perpendicular which originates from where the ball is positioned. The point of the wedge is to help you get in position with your club to allow you to hit the ball with better precision.

Technique Will Help You Prepare for the Shot

Once you have an idea of how to setup the ball you will think about your technique. The way you setup your shot should lead you into the technique you want to use. Consider the amount of weight you put on your foot and how your feet are position outside the target line. Keep in mind your swing may be a little different than if you were on the green depending on the depth of the sand. Your swing may be more vertical to help your club enter the sand more efficiently; helping setup your point of entry.

Entry Point and Getting the Ball to Go Where You Want It

A technique such as cupping can help you use your club easier in the sand as you hit the ball. This is action that involves using your wrists to help swing the club without closing it. Eventually you help the ball enter the air with a back spin with your swing sequence. Each of these aspects may be better understood with photo or video presentation, but these are basic aspects that can help you tackle shots for sand play.

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