Gaining Extra Yards on Your Ball: Tips for Beginning Golfers

One of the first questions that most beginning golfers ask is how they can learn to hit the ball farther. While getting good distance on your shots is only one part of getting better at golf, it certainly is a part of the game that most players are interested in. Adding a few yards to your drives or your iron shots can make the course play a little easier and put you in position for lower scores.

Try using the simple tips below to add yards to your shots and get a little bit closer to reaching your goals on the golf course –

  • Be confident. As a new golfer, confidence is probably not something you have a lot of currently. However, if you wish to maximize your power and add yards to your shots, you will need to find the confidence to make an aggressive swing all the way through the ball. Many new golfers get tentative right before impact because they aren’t sure of the swing they have made – and they lose distance in the process. Trust in yourself and make a confident and aggressive swing all the way through to a balanced finish position.
  • Stay balanced. In an effort to find more power in your swing, you might be tempted to swing as hard as you can – and knock yourself off balance in the process. Instead, focus on your balance because of the good tempo and solid contact that it can bring to your swing. You don’t actually have to try and overpower the ball to get good distance. Just by making a balanced swing with proper mechanics from start to finish you can add speed to your swing and start to send the ball flying farther than ever before.
  • Get a club fitting. Poorly fitted clubs are a common cause of lost yardage on the golf course. Simply by going to your local course or pro shop and asking for a club fitting session you can make sure you have a driver that is right for your swing and will maximize the yardage you achieve. Club fitting sessions are relatively inexpensive and you might even learn a few things about your swing at the same time that you can use to improve. Be sure to ask about possible discounts on club fittings that might be offered if you choose to buy new clubs from the facility where the fitting was done.

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Portimao golf courses are in a region of Portugal that has an amazing climate. Portimao is close enough to the shore to enjoy the cool sea breezes, but far enough away that it doesn’t rain all of the time.

The Mediterranean and temperate climate also keeps the temperature fairly comfortable for golfing, which means that Portimao golf courses are ideal in almost every way in terms of weather.