5 Things You Should Know About Safety on the Golf Course

The golf course can be a great place to enjoy nature in the company of other avid golfers. Whether you are playing with a group or just with a partner, there are things to consider when it comes to golf course safety. From sun protection to operating carts in a proper manner, there are factors that are important to mention time and time again to ensure everyone on the course is safe. There are various rules and standards golfers are expected to follow, but other times it is a matter of using common sense. The following points should serve as helpful reminders of what you should do when playing on the golf course.

  1. Take time to stretch before playing your rounds. This can help reduce injury risk and improve muscle function. You can review recommended stretching techniques for golfers and learn about common problem areas that lead to personal injury.
  2. Follow guidelines and safety rules mentioned on the course. Use golf carts correctly and drive them in designated areas. Driving too fast, having body parts hanging out while the cart is in motion, and erratic driving are all prohibited.
  3. Be aware of your surroundings while you’re on the course. When you play your rounds make sure to be courteous of others ad warn them by yelling “fore” if a ball is going in their direction.
  4. When lightning bolts strikes it is time to leave the course. Try to avoid touching golf clubs due to the metal elements. They act as conductors and may attract lightning to strike.
  5. Have plenty of sun protection. Know proper attire to wear to stay with dress code, but also provide protection from the sunrays. Wear sunblock to protect skin, and consider other protective gear to have while on the course for extended time periods.

Additional Golf Course Safety Information

Consider reputable golf sources to help you learn more about golf safety. Golf lessons, publications and videos that offer informative tips on how to stay safe can be helpful. Many golfers are surprised to learn about injuries that occur on the golf course. Some injuries happen from being immature on the course and engaging in activity that is inappropriate. You should check with the golf course for further details on safety guidelines they expect golfers too follow.

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