How To Enhance Your Accuracy Off The Tee: The Best Strategy

Tips To Hit the Green More Frequently

Hitting the green can be done in more than one way. You can use a combination of mid irons and long irons or hitting the ball as far possible as you can and using a short wedge or iron to hit the green.

However, the best strategy that keeps you consistently hitting at the greens and making more birdies is improving the accuracy of your shot off the tee. Staying out of the rough and making the best swing are important things to look for when you aim at good shots. Here are some tips to increase your accuracy.

Master Good Fundamentals

You can hit the ball far only when your fundamentals are sound. Here are some points to correct your fundamental moves.

  • Bad posture, too steep or too flat swing plane, improper weight transfer, excessive hip turn, and improper grip are a few reasons that take the power from your shot and reduce the driving distance.
  • For big drives, you need to take a wider stance and lower your right shoulder slightly so about 60 percent of weight is on the right side at address. Ball should be placed in a more forward position and teed higher up.
  • The left shoulder should come across and over the kneecap of your right leg in backswing and ensure sufficient resistance is in your legs and hips.
  • Knees shouldn’t extend or flex excessively, when you turn. Body weight should be driven across at the peak of backswing.
  • A good rhythm and sense of timing should be present all through the swing.

Boost flexibility and strength

Poor flexibility can lead to inconsistent ball strike and loss of powerful drive. Similarly, when you don’t have sufficient strength, it is difficult to coordinate or control your body during a swing. Doing exercises specific for golf helps in increasing the swing speed, driver distance, and improves your consistency and accuracy, so your overall scores are reduced.

Tee height

When you lower your tee height without changing the swing, you can hit with more force creating a better backspin. For a wider fairway, teeing can be done at the common height or move the stance forward to hit the ball at an upper stance. This produces less backspin and a dynamic loft, which gives you a good launch.

Since each hole is unique and has its own challenges, you should take your pre shot routine seriously and plan for control or power. You need to learn using the square clubface for your ball strike, so your shot is accurate and longer.

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