How To Fix Your Overswing – Golf Instructions

When an overswing occurs the club is not in line with the ground when approaching the backswing. Some feel this occurs when you put too much emphasis in trying to put more power behind the ball through your swing. Certain elements are in play when overswing occurs. Parts of the body are out of position or being overused. In some cases this results in a reverse pivot or vice versa. Getting your body in position as you go into your backswing and come down are elements to work toward improving. Here are basic tips to help fix your overswing.

  • Most problems with overswinging happen at the top of the backswing. There are more than one areas of the body having too much or too little movement going on. This element alone can affect the outcome of your swing. Take note of body position as you make your swing and determine which areas need improvement.
  • As you swing, keep your eyes on the top of the ball. This aspect will help establish better control of your swing and you will have an aim for your club head. Keeping your eye on the ball helps you create a plane for your club to travel.
  • Your spine angle should be away from the target and not leaning toward it. This element alone can affect how other parts of the body come into play as you go into your backswing and downswing.
  • Your back leg should have more weight as you reach the top of your backswing. Your knee should be able to flex just a bit. You can practice this motion a few times to get the hand of hit. Pay attention to arms, hands and shoulder placement as you practice.
  • Wrists and hands should maintain control. Your hands should be positioned to help avoid or reduce cupping. Pay attention to your grip as it can also lead to overswing. A good grip will keep your clubface closed when you hit the ball.
  • Conduct practice drills. You can practice swinging your club and holding it up for a few seconds when you get to the top of your backswing. When you count 3 seconds come down and make your shot through your downswing. You can pause longer at the top of the swing to establish good balance before going into your downswing.

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