What Is The Right Setup Position Off The Tee: A Guide

Golf is really a game that is about striving for perfection. You can always get better at it and you should never stop getting better! That’s the spirit and mentality of the best golfers in the world. Becoming good at this game is really helpful, as it would give you a sense of satisfaction. However, to be come a much better golf, you must be able to master the tee shot. And as you know, the perfect swing comes from the perfect setup position. Here are five tips for you that would help:

Weight distribution

You don’t want to be hitting down with a driver – ideally, it should be struck in an ascending angle, which means sweeping up. That’s why your weight should be 55% favouring the back leg. This would help in hitting up the ball and by doing that, you will be increasing launch angle and effectively reducing the spin rate. Basically, it means you will be hitting longer tee shots and obviously it’s going to be straighter as well! That’s pretty good for just changing your weight distribution right?

Stronger grip

For a driver, you would want to adopt a slightly stronger grip, as it would help you in squaring up the clubface better. Most amateurs struggle with the driver because they are slicing it. A strong grip will rectify it. Make sure it is slightly stronger at setup and you are on your way to a great tee shot.

Shoulders slightly slanted

Your shoulders at set up should be ever so slightly tilted. This would help with the angle of attack again, making it shallower. And what this means is that it would sweep the ball up in the air – so this means a better drive!

Wider stance

When you are hitting your driver, there will be a lot of speed and power generated. The idea for you is to make sure you have a firm base, so that you can stand still throughout the swing. The improved balance would allow you to swing through the ball much better and obviously that’s the key to becoming a better ball striker!

Square up everything

Your coach may tell you to open up your shoulders and stance for wedge shots. But that doesn’t work for drivers. Make sure everything is aiming at the target, or parallel to it. That’s the only way that you can hit a great golf shot!

I hope this guide has helped with your golf game and score!

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