5 Great Putting Tips You've Probably Never Heard About

Golfers of all levels are always looking for ways to improve their skills. Putting is something you commonly do and you may have heard a few tips over and over with no favorable result. The good news is there are tips out there you may not be aware of that has helped golfers understand how to play better. In many cases such tips come from the average golfer. Your favorite professional golfer may have some tricks up their sleeve, but they may not compare to the average player. Here are some tips for putting to consider helping you improve your game.

  1. Your lower body shouldn’t move very much when taking strokes. You can take a roll of tissue and place it between your knees and complete a few practice shots. In some cases weight shift may occur incorrectly or it may not occur in a manner that is comfortable to you. As you do this it should help you develop good balance and better stroke action.
  2. Your weight should be geared toward the front of your feet when checking your stance, ball position and grip. Your feet should not be too narrow but spread apart to give you better balance when you swing. This will also ensure you achieve solid ball contact when proper grip is in place.
  3. Be sure to grip your putter at the correct length. This helps you achieve eye contact over the ball and move it closer to your direct target with better accuracy. Achieving good accuracy is another important element of putting some golfers have issues with. Before taking your shot consider looking at your hands and where they grip the putter.
  4. It may help to have different ways of gripping your club instead of having a dominant hand. This can help you have a smoother stroke and better body positioning. Some golfers think you have to have a particular type of grip and it should be the same each time, but if you experiment by changing it up you may find different results.
  5. Hit the ball from the back and not the center. The back of the ball is closer to your stance. This gives you better control of your swing and improves accuracy. If you have an imaginary line or target area in mind this may help you get to it easier.

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