Top Three Golf Takeaway Drills For Amateurs

As an amateur there are a lot of things that you are yet to learn about golf. In as much as you might be interested in learning as much as you can about the game, you need to realize that there is so much at stake for you, so much than you might know about so far. Over the years there are a lot of new players who have tried their hands at golfing and some of them even ended up performing better. Some gave up altogether when they realized that things got a bit out of hand for them. There is no sport on this planet that you can perfect without going out of your way to become better than you are at the moment.

In as far as golf is concerned there are a number of drills that can help you as an amateur become a very good player. We will discuss some of these herein:

  • Beating the hook
  • Chipping
  • Putting stance

Beating the hook

In the event that you have been hooking a lot of balls, it is important for you to try and make sure that you learn what to do in order to stop this. First of all you must take your stance to the ball. Swing the club as high up as possible when you are making the backswing and then stop. Count to three slowly and then release the downswing.

The effect of this drill is to make you slow the lower body movements and the rotation of your wrists.


A lot of golf players struggle with chipping. The problem with most of us is that in most cases we try to aim for the hole, and in the process we end up skewing the ball so far away from the target. What you need to do is to make sure that you practice aiming your shots, and aim for the target area.

Get something like a white towel and place it on the green as close to the place where you want to land your shots. The larger the target area the easier it will be for you to concentrate on it.

Putting stance

Your stance has a lot to determine on how you play. Most of those whose shots roll either side normally have a problem with the stance. When putting, always make sure that you maintain a square stance.

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