Golf Tips: Learn to Release Your Club

Many golfers struggle with learning to release the club through impact. A good golf swing will have the club head releasing toward the target at impact, which both unleashes all of the stored up energy in the swing, and also helps to get the shot flying accurately toward the target. While a good release is important, not all golfers are able execute it naturally. For many, it takes extensive practice to get the proper feel for the release.

One-Handed Practice

One of the easiest ways to get the feel for a good release is to make some one-handed practice swings while on the driving range. Using just your lower hand (right hand for a right-handed golfer), make some controlled swings without hitting a ball. Because your top hand is no longer in the way, it should be easy to feel the release of the club through impact. You probably won’t even have to force that feeling – it should be a natural product of swinging with only one hand on the club.

Try making five practice swings one-handed before returning your other hand to the club and hitting a couple of regular shots. Repeat this pattern throughout your practice session – a few one-handed practice swings, followed by a couple of regular shots. The goal is to engrain the feeling of the full-release from your one hand practice swings into your regular golf swing.

Body Plays a Role

Getting a good release isn’t just all about your hands. You need to release your body through the hitting zone as well, rotating all the way up into your finish position. At the finish, your hips should be square to the target and your weight should be balanced atop your lead foot. If your weight isn’t transferring fully onto your lead foot, or if your hips aren’t rotated all the way, you will know that you haven’t fully released your body through this shot. When this happens, you will have trouble releasing the club head at a result, and poor shots are likely to follow.

Working on your release is an important part of the golf swing. If you are going to progress in your game and hit more consistent and powerful shots, the release is a good place to look for improvement. The best players in the world are able to release the club efficiently through impact on each swing, and that should be your goal as well.

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