Starting a Professional Golf Career: What You Should Know

If you are an accomplished golfer with a low handicap and a solid overall game, you might be tempted to pursue a career in professional golf. While the dream of playing on the professional tours and traveling the world is certainly an enticing one, the game is very challenging and there are many great players awaiting as competition. You should always believe in yourself and your abilities, but at the same time you need to respect just how difficult this career path can be.

Following are three bits of information that you need to know and understand before taking your plans of becoming a professional golfer any farther.

  • Be the best locally. If you aren’t the best golfer in your local area, you have little to no chance to succeed as a professional golfer on a larger scale. Start by playing in some small local tournaments and see how you fare against competition from around your area. Until you are dominating these small tournaments and winning them comfortably, you probably aren’t going to stand much of a chance launching a professional career. If, however, you are by far the best player in your region, then you might want to think about taking the next step up in competition.
  • You have to putt. A professional golfer who can’t putt will quickly be out of work. No matter how well you strike the ball from tee to green, or how great you are chipping around the greens, putting is where you will make your money. The players that are successful on the pro tours aren’t just good putters – they are great putters. If you are working on your game with the intention of playing professionally, make sure plenty of time is spent on the practice putting green honing your stroke.
  • Be ready for failures. Even the best golfers struggle from time to time, and the road to success in professional golf is rarely a smooth one. If you decide to make the leap and play professionally for a period of time, expect to miss some cuts, struggle under pressure, and be disappointed from time to time in your performance. That doesn’t mean you are a failure – it is all part of the learning experience and comes with the territory in this challenging game. Any way you look at it, making a career in professional golf is an extremely challenging proposition.

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