How to Stay Hydrated on the Golf Course

Since golf is often played under the bright summer sun, staying hydrated on the course is important to not only your performance, but your health as well. If you go the whole round without putting any fluids back into your system, you run the risk of becoming dehydrated at some point. Even just mild dehydration can adversely affect your golf game – and more serious dehydration can become a medical issue to be concerned about.

Before you head out onto the course, especially on a warm day, you should have a plan for how you are going to stay hydrated. Use the three tips below to help you keep the fluids flowing and keep yourself feeling good from the first fairway to the eighteenth green.

Hydration Tip #1 – Start Early

You should start drinking extra water before you even head out onto the course in preparation for spending a whole day out in the sun. This is especially important if you are going to be walking the course as opposed to riding in a cart. Either way, it is a smart idea to get plenty of fluids before the round begins so you don’t start off already behind in terms of water consumption.

Hydration Tip #2 – Pick a Time to Drink

When you get wrapped up in your golf game and trying to play your best it can be easy to forget that you need to take a drink. Make it a habit of taking a drink of water at the same time on each hole. Maybe you have a drink right before you tee off, or maybe right before you get to the green. Whatever works best for you is fine – just make it routine so you remember all day long.

Hydration Tip #3 – Stick to Water or Sports Drinks

In order to stay hydrated successfully, it is best to use water or sports drinks throughout the day as your main beverage. Alcoholic drinks or even soda pop just won’t do the same things for your hydration as will good old fashioned water, or a sports drink of some kind. Make sure to load up your bag with enough of these drinks for the round, or ask in the pro shop if there are water buckets located along the course where you can refill from time to time. It might be a pain to carry an extra bottle of water or two in your bag, but it is better than running out and feeling dehydrated for much of the day.

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